Descension (Core)

Lynnis's Meditation in the Chamber of Whispers

Meditating while surrounded by the erratic whispers spoken through the dark mirrors, and guided by the thoughts of the Mani Katti, Lynnis is given a story;

All tribes have a Spirit, or a totem, to guide and protect them. Yet, long before the tribes covered these lands, the Spirits fought a great war. Eventually the Spirits won, and afterwards, they slept. While they rested, the tribes began to grow across the fertile land. Without waking, the Spirits began to guide the tribes, and have done so ever since. Now, the Spirits have begun to reawaken, as their foe has returned to strength, but the Spirits are scattered in mind and purpose. Some remember the war and attempt to rally. Some merely jibber.

Lynnis remembers her sensei said something similar, “The Spirits are restless,” before he left.

Your Uncle Hassar was aided in unifying the tribes by the Spirits. Now as he weakens, the Spirits of your tribes call to you.



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